Class Information

All classes are 75 minutes in length.  Every class begins with a 15 minute warm up, the rest of the time will be spent learning various fitness pole skills, strength training and combinations.  Any class level can be repeated as many times as you wish.

Classes have a maximum of 10 individuals per class so be sure to reserve your spots in advance.  Group classes must be signed up for no later than two hours before start - if no one has signed up two hours prior to class start, the class will be canceled. Drop-ins are welcome, but reservations are recommended, as space is not guaranteed. All classes are co-ed.

Intro to Pole Fitness - Your first time on the pole?! Well, here is your introductory class that is required for all new students to get you started! If you have never experienced working out on a pole, an intro to pole class can give you a great taste of what the excitement is all about. This has become an extremely popular way to get in shape quickly as you will watch your body change in just a few short weeks! Please feel free to take this class as many times as you'd like.

Pole 1 - Ready to get fit, toned, sweat, and feel empowered all at the same time?! This class prepares all of our new students for our more advanced pole classes while getting a great workout. Each student will learn basic pole form including holds, spins, and climbs. There is no limit to the amount of Pole 1 classes you can take. Every student will learn at a different pace. If you feel comfortable with Pole 1 movements, please feel free to move into other classes such as Pole 1/2,  2  and  "All Levels". We also suggest taking your Pole 1 classes with multiple instructors. Every instructor has their own style, so each instructor’s class will be somewhat different.

Pole 2 - You want more?! This class is the next step after you have mastered your Pole 1 classes. Pole 2 will focus on expanding and honing basic skills, developing more pole movements, beginning inversion preparations and blending moves together. Three to five Pole 1 classes are required before taking this class or instructor’s permission must be obtained prior to day of class.

Pole 3 - Are you ready to go upside down and get those abs shredded?! Students will work from the ground up (literally) to build a safe and strong invert. This class is filled with climbs, inversions, pole tricks, powerful spins combos, more intense strength training to build your strength, abs, core and upper body. While each student is on their own path, you may not go upside down on day one, but this is a great starting point in your journey to inversions. Three to five Pole 2 classes are required before taking this class or instructor’s permission must be obtained prior to day of class.

Heels Choreography - Start dancing in heels! Heels choreography class is the class for you! You will learn pole movements, floor flow and spins. These slow and sexy routines will have you working up a sweat and practicing, perfecting your pole and dance skills! All levels welcomed. Barefoot welcome too!

Exotic Dance - Ready to unleash your inner beast! Here you'll slink, clack, split and learn a million ways to show you what you got! The instructor will tailor the level of difficulty so the varied abilities and needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are respected and addressed. Three Pole 1 classes are required.  All levels welcome.

Russian Exotic - Play with choreography inspired by Russian pole queens like Olga Koda, Daria Che, and Eva Bembo. We'll learn how to thread, skate, and mix together silky smooth transitions with explosive low flow tricks. This class is for all levels, and movement variations will be given for multiple levels. Heels and knee pads are required.

Basework Choreography - Learn how to combine choreography, floor work, and simple tricks into fluid combinations on the lower third of the pole. This class is all about how to combine choreography with simple, level 1/2 tricks and how to transition between the pole and the ground with grace. Please bring shorts and knee pads!

Pole Choreography - This is a class for dancers of all levels to come and play! Learn how to put your spins and transitions together in a fun and flirty routine. Choreography will be adjusted to the level of those taking the class. Heels are optional and kneepads aren't mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Flexibility - Feeling stiff?! Well, this class focuses on stretch movements and splits to get your body loose! Flexibility is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry. Flexibility training not only increases our range of motion, but also increases blood flow and circulation, restores body alignment, reduces risk for injuries, releases tension and improves coordination. Each class consists of a variety of stretches, mostly off the pole; to help develop range of motion throughout the body while improving your ability to achieve splits and back bends. This class is HIGHLY recommended for all students. All levels welcome.

Lyra Hoop - Lyra (also called aerial hoop, aerial ring, or cerceau) is a large steel hoop that is suspended from a single point on the ceiling. Static, spinning, or swinging movement is incorporated with this apparatus. Students will learn the basics of various moves, ideal form and technique, and safety on the apparatus. They will continue to develop the strength and flexibility required for aerial acrobatics as well as working on the foundation for fluidity and musicality in the air. All levels welcome.

Aerial Sling - In this dance class, we will be using different length aerial slings. We will be focusing on gaining grace in our movements along strength and flexibility in our bodies. An aerial sling is a looped fabric that is a safe and fun apparatus to practice spinning and inverting. It is the perfect cross training for pole that will help you gain confidence while having fun. All levels welcome.

Strength & Mobility - This course is designed to help you improve strength, posture, flexibility, and increase your joint range of motion (mobility). Learn short mobility exercises that you can incorporate into your current training, pole conditioning or use as a stand alone workout. Master mobility flows that build core muscle strength, challenge your flexibility, and improve your posture. Gain visible improvement and increased freedom in your movement and the tools you need to continue after this course. Boost your overall health, sense of wellbeing, focus and body control. This course is open to all levels and anyone wanting to improve their mobility and strength.

Handstand - This class focuses on building from the ground up, the basic building blocks and techniques of a strong, straight handstand. Whether you are conquering the fear of falling, finding balance in the middle of the room or learning your first press, no matter what your current handstand skill level is, this class will enhance your abilities. All levels welcome.

Open Studio - Let's Play!! This is a supervised hour without instruction for any student to come in and practice skills learned in classes at their own pace. Person on duty is not there to teach you so come prepared to work on your own. Three Pole 1 classes are required before signing up or instructor’s permission must be obtained prior to day of practice time. All levels welcome.

You are required to wear the appropriate attire: 

Pole - You should wear shorts and a tank top. Sports Bras are recommended for protection and support. We need to have a lot of skin exposed (back of knees exposed as early as Beginner 1), as you need to stick to the pole. Fabric will slide right off the pole, giving you no grip. 

Dance - Same attire for pole or yoga wear and knee pads to protect your knees from excess bruising. ***Undergarments are not appropriate attire and you will not be allowed to participate if wearing only undergarments. 

Flexibility/Handstand/Lyra Hoop - Yoga appropriate attire. 

Heels - Pole heels are optional for pole/dance classes.

*We do have a changing area for your privacy to change at studio before class.